Friday, September 25, 2009

Table Confusion?

Here's the scenario:
Expo: "Will you take this to table 42 please?"
Me: "I would love to." (I grab the tray, which has 3 dishes on it. I grab the ketchup and I'm ready to go. I get to table 42 and put the tray down. I then realize that there are only 2 people sitting at the table.)
Me: So I'm thinking that you guys didn't order this much food. (They laugh at me and say no. I feel AWKWARD. I walk back to the kitchen.)
Me to Expo: "Wrong table. Will you please buzz the server?!"
Me: Hello server, the table was wrong on the ticket. Where do I need to take this food?"
Server: "ha ha, silly me. It goes to this table. Thanks for running my food."
Me: "You're welcome. (Under my breath) You better tip me out big time tonight"

Tonight I happened to be a food runner instead of my usual expo. Pretty much I take the servers food to their tables for them. I don't mind it, but I don't get paid as much and a lot of the servers forget to tip me out. Tonight I was really busy running food though, which was nice. Now I understand that people aren't perfect and they make mistakes, but if you make the mistake of entering the wrong table number at least come tell me or the expo the right table so there isn't confusion and embarrassment. On top of that it just slows everything down and wastes time. This happened a couple times tonight and I was so annoyed by it. Ugh. Luckily the servers got the hint and fixed this problem and the flow was so much more organized and I wasn't so crabby.

Good note of the night: I work with some awesome people and tonight I helped one of our servers out quite a bit and he tipped me out more than he's supposed to. It made me so happy. I like being appreciated for working so hard...sorry if that sounds vain and selfish, but it's just nice to be noticed for working hard. (Although sometimes I don't...) Until next time!

Our Love-Hate Relationship

Welcome! The food industry is in the top 5 growing occupations, especially for college students like ourselves. Do we choose to work at restaurants because we need the money? because we enjoy it? because we can't find anything else? because we are naive? or all of those reasons?
I find myself asking myself this question numerous times after i leave work...why do i work in a restaurant? My emotions are very mixed. Somedays I love it, and somedays i hate it, but i still work there and i don't plan on quitting anytime soon. And overall i love the chaos of restaurants.

So, welcome to our blog of bitching and complaining and venting about this chaotic occupation!