Friday, October 30, 2009

Funny Story today...

Hello readers! 

I thought that today I would share with you some stories of the interesting people that I have the pleasure of dealing with. 

This first story happened a few months ago, when we had 3 hostesses working the front. Well, we had had a dishwasher that hadn't shown up for his shift and didn't give any explanation to the managers so he was fired. A few weeks later, he showed up, grabbed a few bottles of soda and left without saying a word to anyone, so obviously the managers were trying to figure out what was wrong with him, but yah he didn't work there anymore. Well, probably about 2 weeks later, I was working on a Friday night, and this guy's roommate calls us and asks us to go out and see if his truck was in there because supposedly, the guy who had been fired had taken it to work with him. Well, we kindly told him that his roommate was no longer employed with us so his truck would not be in the parking lot. Well, the guy didn't get the hint and he began calling us every 15 minutes and asking us to go look for his truck. All of the hostesses lost patience with him after about 4 of these phone calls, and we were just flat out rude to this guy after a while, to the point where we would hang up on him if we heard his voice on the other line. Well, it was about 6:30 and we were on a 20 minute wait and a little flustered when all of a sudden, we see someone, a little unusual walk into the front door. He's about 5'3, dressed in a checkered, button-up shirt, chaps, cowboy boots, spurs, cowboy hat, and completely decked out in rodeo clown makeup. Well, this guy marches up to the hostess stand and demands to speak to a manager about how rude his hostesses are. Yah, it was the dude on the phone. Well, one of my fellow hostesses had had it, and she began to chew the guy out for not listening to us the first 10 times he called. Well that got the rest of us riled up and we all started having at him. Well about 3 minutes into it, I realized how ridiculous we must look. 3 girls, having a heated argument with a rodeo clown, in front of about 20 people waiting to get a table. Probably one of the more entertaining moments on the job. 
The second story happened today. We were having a slow night, so I was trying to find ways to entertain myself, so I would talk to the girl who was in charge of retail a lot. Well, in a particularly tough moment of bland boredom, the fates smiled upon me and gave me a bit of entertainment for the day. Retail girl walks up to me and says "come stand over here by the door, it's SO worth it!" The door she was talking about is the door between retail and the hostess stand. Out by retail, there are lots of comfy couches and benches for people to sit on and wait for their table to be called. The couch closest to the retail stand was occupied by a typical, white trash, nasty girl who was sprawled out on it. But it wasn't until I got close to the door that I realized why retail girl had told me to pay attention to this girl. It was because this girl was having hot, passionate, raunchy, nasty, very loud phone sex, right in the middle of our lobby. I won't go into details about what she was saying, but I can tell you she was REALLY enjoying herself. It was that moment I concluded that no matter where I'm at, I will always have access to an electronic with video taking capabilities 24/7. Thank you universe for giving me another reason to never quit my job. 

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